Watch ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Behind the Scenes Movie B-roll

The thriller and action film that ranks among the best of them. It provides a very believable, realistic government response to superhero activity (Ahem, X-Men and BvS), and does so without tedious court proceedings or other boring politics (BvS again, Iron Man 2). That’s not to say that there are no politics, it’s just that they’re presented through the eyes of people, not a faceless government with a forgettable puppet. The conflict between everyone is believable. Tony/Cap’s relationship has built since they met. Everyone takes a course of action completely believable and in character. The title fight in the airport is belief-driven, while Cap and Bucky v Tony is on a far more emotional, personal level. Never a dull moment in the film. Action, well-placed but in many places throughout. I count 6 notable fight scenes.

Much of the rest is intriguing dialogue, in which the heroes first try every last resort before coming to blows, then during fights and in trying to make amends afterwards. Zemo, the villain, has a more unique approach than any other. He easily hurts the Avengers the most, and does it without throwing a single punch. He is underdeveloped, but makes up for it with craftiness on the level of Loki. That’s another thing. Zemo, like Loki, is one of very few Marvel villains to survive a film. He doesn’t get away scot-free, but it does open up future opportunity. Spider-Man was amazing. Easily the best to grace the screen. Nobody is left out, not even the woman who takes the place of the Stamford mom in the comic. Easily the best superhero film of all time.