John Wick: Chapter 2 brings us a near non-stop action fun and blows your mind

After its predecessor’s success in 2014, movie fans knew that there was gonna be a sequel to it and the long wait is over. The bad ass action-packed John Wick 2 Film is bigger and explosive! What I’m about to tell you is a comeback of (retired) super-assassin, who killed 3 men in a bar with a pencil, with a pencil! We didn’t see it in the first film but he finally did it. If you’re a fan of action films, this film is for you. I’ve had tons of fun right from the beginning of this film. The film knew exactly what it wanted to be and what Chapter Two brings us are gorgeously choreographed stunt works, electrifying action sequences and loud gun shots that strikes you to the very bone. Chapter Two reunites Reeves and his stunt double Chad Stahelski, in The Matrix, as well as his co-star Laurence Fishburne.

In Chapter Two, we see him settling in again at his modern long island home, but his past pulls him back, he is forced to come back into action, now by an Italian gangster, Santino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio) who ordered Wick to fly to Rome to assassinate his sister (Claudia Gerini) so he could take her position as the head of Italian crime family. And Keanu Reeves gives an intensely focused acting and more high-energy stunt works than its predecessor.

I decided to turn away from its movie trailer before it came out, I walked in, I had high expectations on this film. You remember how the original John Wick in 2014 wowed us? Just like the original one did to me, I’ve had ‘wow’ and ‘WTF’ moments in the theater watching this film. The stunts in this film are extreme, you’d know it a stunt was done by CGI, but here in Chapter Two, all stunt works are real, like 90% real. It didn’t go to the usage of quick cuts though the film feels modern, but you could actually tell if they are the ones doing the stunts. The films has raised the bar of what it’s aiming for.

Aside from its elegant action sequences, what I like about this film is it gives us more insights about the underworld organization he’s trying to escape from. As the movie progresses, the more we learn something about the criminal world John inhabits – its existence. But this time, his little pup is alive. It’s an improvement though. That scene in the original movie was really hard to watch. Come on… I love pets. Plus working with the brilliant cinematographer Dan Laustsen, whose neon lights captures the fascinating underworld organization that added to the weight of tension of the film.