Interview: James McAvoy, Evan Peters, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp For ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

This is a great popcorn movie full of comic book action, adventure and special effects. If anybody goes to the movie theater looking for Down-ton Abbey then they are idiots. Why do the wrong people review movies that they have no interest in and just to trash it? Most of the bad pro reviews sounded as it they expected to see drama filled with deep emotional trauma and an uplifting denouement rather than an action flick full of special effects and clashing enemies! Everybody I know thought that X-M:A was fantastic and several saw it again at the theater. This movie has everything that matters most in an X-Men feature: action. Quicksilver was a delight to watch. Magneto’s story-line made me feel sad. I wanted to see more Psylocke and Storm, they were under used. Mystique made my heart miss a few beats; Jennifer Lawrence is awesome! I couldn’t care less if the story was sub-par or if the villain reminded me of every other villain I’ve seen in the past with super human abilities. If anything Apocalypse was played a bit understated. His arrogance could have gone up a notch or two. Where was the passion? I think that Professor X might have used a bit more passion too, but all in all he came alive at the end. The movie was filled with all kinds of interesting things to watch and I was disappointed when it ended.