‘Finding Dory’ Cast Interview: Ellen DeGeneress and Ed O’Neill Interview

A worthy sequel that is a great film in its own right; beautiful, entertaining & even more emotional than the first. After 2003’s mega hit ‘Finding Nemo’ came out, it became globally apparent that the fans favorite character was without-a-single-doubt Dory. Perfectly voiced by Ellen DeGeneress, it’s a character that is so naive, funny & adorable you’d have to have no soul to not fall in love with her. My only issue with this gorgeous film is that it took 13 years to be made (& also I wish we got to catch up with our fish tank pals from the Sydney dentist). The world was ready for this many years ago! Another brilliant movie to come out of those magical Pixar/Disney studios that both serves justice to Dory & her story-line while also doing the same thing to the new generation of kids that ‘Finding Nemo’ did over a decade ago.