‘Finding Dory (2016)’ Full Cast Press Conference

‘Finding Nemo’ is one of the finest and most beautiful animated films ever created, a story of love, loss and reunification. Did the film necessarily need a sequel? No it didn’t, but that didn’t stop Pixar, and in all fairness, all worries aside, they did a fantastic job. Whilst the story does seem a bit repetitive at times, ‘Finding Dory’ offers a new chapter to the classic story we all know and love, giving the audience a glimpse into the backstory of the film’s most loved character, Dory. Introducing us to new characters and locations, ‘Finding Dory’ takes us away from the reefs of Australia and delves into the depths of California as Dory heads home to find her parents that she was separated from many years ago. The scenes featuring baby Dory are just downright cute, and by far the highlight of the film, however two British sea lions, a near-sighted whale shark, a beluga whale and an octopus… I mean octopus named Hank give the film a fresh feel. A film to be loved by both parents, kids and guys in their early twenties.