Cast Interview: Dakota Johnson on “Fifty Shades Darker” Movie

As Ana and Christian resume their relationship in fits and starts, the terms have changed, new challenges arise and old jealousies are aroused. Christian agrees that this time there will be no rules and no punishments and his relationship with Ana will be a “vanilla” one. Ana worries that Christian will be unable to give up the kinkier aspects of their physical relationship, but he assures her that she is more important to him than his need to dominate his lovers. This time, Ana is on top (again, metaphorically speaking) as she calls the shots and even shows a continuing interest in some of Christian’s sexual toys and tricks – as long as she isn’t again compelled to surrender control. Meanwhile, one of Christian’s previous submissives, a clearly disturbed young brunette named Leila (Bella Heathcote), keeps popping up, as does Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger), aka “Mrs. Robinson”, the woman who first introduced Christian to the BDSM lifestyle. We also learn more about Christian’s early life and why he is the way he is.