Assassin’s Creed Interview: Michael Fassbender and Jeremy Irons Discuss About Movie

Most of us can only think what our past lifestyles might have been, but Michael Fassbender gets to experience his first-hand in the new action film Assassin’s Creed which hits theaters on Decembar 21. Based on the well-known video game series, the movie hooks Fassbender’s personality, common thief Callum Lynch, up to a high-tech machine called the Animus, which stirs his genetic memory and allows him to experience his past lifestyle as 15th-century ace assassin Aguilar de Nerha.

The actor informs that he probably can not feature to the same members of the family tree, although, as he diplomatically puts it: “I am sure there is dodgy people there.” Fassbender’s co-star and fellow historical assassin Michael K. Williams has more exciting concepts about his own previous lives. “I probably was a hummingbird,” The Wire star says, having a laugh. “[Or] a conjurer of sorts — a shapeshifter maybe.”

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